Alfisol, Item 003: LMMpro, version 1.06
The Langmuir Optimization Program
The Michaelis-Menten Optimization Program.

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What does LMMpro do?

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Free Demo Version is ideal for many teaching objectives.
$10 Registered Version is required for research objectives.
Copyright © 2007, 2008 by C.P. Schulthess.
Please review Software Disclaimer & Registration pages first.
WINDOWS based application; uses .NET framework.
Number of downloads made so far = 7097
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Summary of revisions made since the release of version 1.00.

Upgrading to a higher version:
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LMMpro makes optimization easy.
Find the best optimization values.
Helps you find errors.

If your analysis is sensitive
to the type of regression used,
then you have some error present.
The error is either data error,
theory error, or both.

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