Alfisol, Item 003: LMMpro, version 1.06
The Langmuir Optimization Program
The Michaelis-Menten Optimization Program.

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LMMpro Registration

List Price: US$ 10.00
(Why ten?)

The LMMpro program can be downloaded FREE. It will automatically run in Demo Mode.

  • First, try the program out in Demo Mode. Make sure it is working properly on your computer. There is no time limit or expiration date to the Demo Mode. The Demo Mode may be sufficient for you and your teaching objectives. Visit our Lesson Plans link for some teaching ideas for your classroom.

  • Second, when you are ready to upgrade to Registered Mode, purchase the required Serial Number. Cost = US$ 10.00. To purchase your Serial Number, click on Add to Cart and continue with the checkout procedure. The Registered Mode is required for research objectives. It will allow you to analyze your own complex data sets.

  • Third, your Serial Number will be emailed to you after the purchase is completed.

  • Fourth, enter your Serial Number into the software's "Register Now" window. This will automatically switch the software to run in Registered Mode.

Note: If registration is blocked or if LMMpro's connection to the internet is blocked, such as a firewall setting blocking the automatic completion of step four above, then email us a screen capture of LMMpro's Program Information window. Tell us about the problem and we will email you instructions for manual registration of the software. You will know if this occurs because a message will appear stating the problem when you try to register.

Only one purchase is needed per software. There is no expiration date to the software or to the Serial Number. The Serial Number you purchase is valid for this version and all 1.xx upgrades (that is, 1.00 to 1.99). Note, however, that activation of the program into Registered Mode is specific to the computer. After you receive the Serial Number via email, make sure that you activate the program into Registered Mode while you are on the computer that is also the software's final resting place.

IMPORTANT NOTE for PCs with variable privileges and IDs:
If the computer has a "manager" access and a "user" access, please note that the registration code is typically different in each of these access modes. When this occurs, LMMpro will think that they are different computers.

In simple terms, run the LMMpro software in Demo Mode with the computer set up exactly the way you wish to have it when the "user" is logged on. Record the PC ID using LMMpro's Program Information button. YOU MUST BE SURE TO SEE THIS EXACT SAME PC ID WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO REGISTER THE SOFTWARE.

In not so simple terms, prior to registration, please compare LMMpro's PC ID as a "user" and as a "manager". If they are not identical codes, then you must be careful with the registration procedure. Should you register LMMpro as a "manager", the "user" will continue to see the software in Demo Mode if the PC ID that LMMpro sees has changed. Therefore, before doing anything, for PCs with variable privileges, check all the PC ID combinations very carefully. Prior to performing the suggested correction below, check that the "user" with administrator privileges also has the same PC ID as without these privileges. Try not to rush into it, for you might inadvertently register the software for the "manager" rather than the "user". Remember to check all these PC IDs using LMMpro's Program Information button.

If you have this problem, try the following procedure. It is assumed here that the "user" under normal conditions does not have read-write privileges on the hard drive, or, more specifically, on the directory folder where the LMMpro software was installed. The ability to do this is needed for registration of the LMMpro software. First, allow the "user" to have adminstrator privileges on the PC. Second, and only if the PC ID that you must match is correct, register LMMpro as a "user". You do not wish to register it as a "manager" if you've already determined that the "manager" generates a different PC ID as seen by LMMpro. Lastly, remove the administrator privileges from the "user", and thus return the set up to normal conditions.

Final Note:
Please remember that LMMpro is not to be installed in a shared drive or a shared environment where access is possible from more than one PC, terminal, or location. Each PC, each terminal, and each location must have its own LMMpro software installed.