Coupon Offer

If you email us a lesson plan of your own, and if it is approved by us as appropriate, then Alfisol will give you three (3) FREE registered copies (Registered Mode copies) of the software program. This is a $30 value. This is a good way to get LMMpro into several machines for your teaching needs with your own imported data.
The registration coupon offer is for LMMpro only and it is not transferable for other products or services. Offer limited to the first 5 (five) lessons submitted that use the Demo Mode only. Offered limited to the first 5 (five) lessons submitted that require the Registered Mode. Answers must also be submitted for our files and evaluation of the lessons submitted. Alfisol reserves the right to refuse a submission if it is too short, too long, contains too much overlap with other submitted lessons, is not believed to be correct, or is inappropriate for any reason. Alfisol also reserves the right to determine the "difficulty level". No material that is copyrighted elsewhere may be submitted. To maintain these contributions well updated, Alfisol may modify/edit/delete the submitted lesson plans or answers at any time. To help us better promote these contributed lessons, Alfisol can distribute and reproduce your submitted lesson plan in any way it chooses to do so. To help us protect against any missuse of these contributions, Alfisol holds the copyright to all submitted lesson plans and answers, including those displayed above.

We know that a $30 coupon offer is a small compensation for your trouble of producing a lesson plan. So, make two lessons and the coupon doubles. As all teachers know, the second lesson is always easier than the first. Your name as the contributor of the lesson will always remain, and this also promotes you and your university or business to others. Use your own published data for lessons that require the Registered Mode, and this will also introduce your field of study to others.