Alfisol, Item 006: pHVreader, version 1.2
Read data from any meter as a function of time.

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The RUN Method Editor Window

Edit and train pHVreader to read the meter in these windows and tabs. Follow the instructions in each to the tabs. Save the method when done.

Change the Method Name to create a new method. Else, edit the current file.

All these choices can be changed when you Run the method. These are only default values or conditions.

Check the meter's manual for these connection parameters.

The preliminary instructions are optional. It serves as a reminder to the user of any message you wish to insert here.

The meter output example shown here comes from a pH meter that generates only one line of output per cycle. You therefore notice that the line 1 and 2 are nearly identical, and thus confirms that the meter uses only one line of output per cycle.

Test 3 generates and confirms that you are reading the data correctly. The instructions to extract the "minute" information is shown.

Typically, all data will be recorded.

For large data sets, alternate recording criteria will be used, but this is typically edited later in the run.