Alfisol, Item 006: pHVreader, version 1.2
Read data from any meter as a function of time.

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The Four Hidden Panels in the VIEW Window

There are four hidden panels in the lower portion of the View Options.
They each open up to give additional information or control of the data file.

Show Data Details

Basic information about the data being shown.

Find Errors

If time errors exist, then you can find them and edit them easily.

Time errors exist when the meter transmits an incorrect time mark. This is a common error with old meters.

pHVreader does not erase these errors, but it can help you find them and fix them.

Show Graph Details

Here, you can force the graphs to be displayed in a particular way.

Show Compression

If you wish to pan and zoom in and out of extremely large data sets (over 36000 points), then be sure to allow data compression.
Else, your PC will be very slow in keeping up with the desired navigation in and around the graph.

With small data sets (under 36000 points), the program will not compress the data set anyway. The speed of modern PCs will handle this fine.