Alfisol, Item 006: pHVreader, version 1.2
Read data from any meter as a function of time.

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The Five Hidden Panels in the Run Window

There are five hidden panels in the lower portion of the Control Panel.
They each open up to give additional information or control of the run in progress.

Show Run Details

The number of reading events is the number of data points received by pHVreader from the meter.

The number of recording events is the number of data points pHVreader has recorded based on your "recording criteria" instructions.

Show Run Controls

Several events can be done automatically by pHVreader. The program can automatically mark points, reset or end the run. It can ring bells at designated times, or it can ring bells to anounce that an automatic event is about to occur. It can also autosave data at regular intervals.

The display countdown (c.d.) option will tell you how much time is left for the next automatic event. The c.d. information will be displayed below the time display in the main section of the Control Panel:

Show Recording Criteria

This panel is quite useful for experiments that run for long periods of time.

You can start by recording all of the data, but after a certain amount of time you can switch to another criteria. You can switch anytime, even with an experiment in progress.

Show Graph Details

Here, you can force the graphs to be displayed in a particular way.

Show Curve Fit

There are two choices for curve fit:

y = average
y = mx + b

With the linear regression option, a bell can be set to ring if the slope satisfies a slope condition.

The y-offset option allows you to shift all y-values by a given quantity.