Alfisol, Item 006: pHVreader, version 1.2
Read data from any meter as a function of time.

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Brief summary of modifications and/or errors fixed with each pHVreader version released:

17 January 2014: version 1.2 released.
  • Run and Methods updates: fixed operation of some meters that would not work well, such as on Windows 7.
  • Improved Run options: fixed some run-pause-stop gliches; added "Mark at et", "Mark at tt", and similar items.
  • Improved View options: data loading and counting would fail if data had negative time-skips at end of data file. This was fixed.
  • Tutorial: more details were added.

18 February 2013: version 1.1 released.
  • Globalization update: software can now use commas or periods for decimal places. This is set by the user's computer. Either will now work with pHVreader.
  • Globalization update: software can now use commas or periods for decimal places transmitted by the meter that is streaming the data.
  • Globilization update: software will now display decimal places according to the local settings. The date information is also given in the local language setting.
  • Added new search buttons for the VIEW of data that goes to nearest memo or label.
  • Added a new control panel that adds 2 lines for titles to the graphs in VIEW mode. These can be edited and saved.
  • RUN and VIEW control parameters were improved. They will now handle commas or periods for decimal places. Some minor edits on how they behave were also made.
  • Saving to and reading from the default directories were improved. Some errors that occurred on older computers were fixed.
  • Improved the autoformating of the y-axis in RUN and VIEW mode.
  • Minor fixes of autoscaling and use of grids on RUN graphs were made.
  • Improved the visibility of sharp vertical lines on VIEW graphs that were virtually hidden by the y-axis.
  • Tutorial was updated on the revisions mentioned here.

1 January 2013: version 1.0 released.