Alfisol, Item 006: pHVreader, version 1.2
Read data from any meter as a function of time.

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Recording data. Two sets shown: one stabilizes nicely, the other bounces greatly.
Top graph is set 2, and it's a close-up of the full graph below (green zone).

An excellent lab tool.
Easily describe how the data are changing.

A nice teaching tool.
Show experiment progress on screen.

DOWNLOAD pHVreader (version 1.2), Basic (Free) Edition.
Copyright © 2013-2014 by C.P. Schulthess.

This software will read and display data from any meter as a function of time.
It easily shows any trends in the data as a function of time.
It connects to the meter via the serial RS232 port.

It is professional quality software, but it is also very easy to use.

WINDOWS based application; uses .NET framework.
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Please review the Software Disclaimer page first.
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Summary of revisions made since the release of version 1.0 (January 1, 2013).

The Basic Edition has a 5-minute time limit per run event, which can be repeated as often as you wish. The Basic Edition is NOT a demo version. It is a fully functional software package. The only advantage of the Extended Edition over this Basic Edition is that it has no time limit, and, therefore, no need to manually restart the data recording every 5 minutes.

With pHVreader you can read and record data from a pH meter, voltmeter, or any meter as a function of time. You can mark any of the data points, pause reading, or reset timer to zero. You can also zoom or pan the graph display, or review a grid display of all the data collected. You can also locate data errors. pHVreader can also ring a bell when the slope of the data is below or equal to any number you choose. It can also display regression lines or data averages in real time (that is, while the data are being collected). You can also auto-save the data every user-determined time increment without interupting the recording process. It also allows you to record your data for publications, or project your data onto the large screen.

pHVreader is ideally suited for most lab applications and numerous teaching applications. Upgrade to the Extended Edition if you need more than 5 minutes for each of your experiments. The Extended Edition has no time limitations.

Requirements: the meter must be able to stream the data and time to the computer via a serial port. You must be able to connect your meter's RS232 port to the serial port on your computer, or to a USB port on your computer if you have a USB driver (or software) that makes the USB port behave like a serial port. We do not supply the wiring for this connection. Check your meter's documentation for this connection, and follow the instructions carefully. Nearly all modern meters are able to do this. You may need to purchase a meter-to-serial port connection cable, and/or a serial-to-USB adapter plus a USB driver, if you do not already have one. If so, AND THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT, make sure you purchase the cable recommended by the meter's manufacturer. An improper cable with improper internal wiring can damage your computer.

This software is written in C#. It uses the .NET framework.

Basic (FREE) Edition: allows you to view data, export data to Excel, edit data, and insert data memos. The following time limitations apply to the Basic Edition: 5 minute time limit per run event.
(Note: the run mode has time limits per event. No time limits are applied to the view mode.)

Extended Edition: purchase of Serial Number is required. It is the same as the Basic Edition, but no limitations are applied. The Extended Edition is identical to the Basic Edition, but no time limits exist for recording or saving of data collected.