Alfisol, Item 006: pHVreader, version 1.2
Read data from any meter as a function of time.

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Recording data. Two sets shown: one stabilizes nicely, the other bounces greatly.
Top graph is set 2, and it's a close-up of the full graph below (green zone).

An excellent lab tool.
Easily describe how the data are changing.

A nice teaching tool.
Show experiment progress on screen.

This software is easy to use.
It will make your pH meter (or any meter) feel very modern.
It will release you of much stress about whether the data are finally stable or not.

Upgrade to the Extended Edition if you need more than 5 minutes for each of your experiments. The Extended Edition has no time limitations. The Extended Edition is ideally suited for any lab application that needs to monitor a meter's output for extended periods. The software offers a few options for selecting which data to save, and thus reduce memory usage. Runs of several hours or days or weeks of recording are easy to do. For safety against a power failure in your lab, pHVreader can auto-save the data at any user-determined repeating time interval.

Basic (FREE) Edition: allows you to view data, export data to Excel, edit data, and insert data memos.
The following time limitations apply to the Basic Edition: 5 minute time limit per run event.
(Note: the run mode has time limits per event. No time limits are applied to the view mode.)

Extended Edition: purchase of Serial Number is required. It is the same as the Basic Edition, but no limitations are applied. The Extended Edition is identical to the Basic Edition, but no time limits exist for recording or saving of data collected.

The cost to upgrade to the Extended Edition is $35.
The Extended Edition is PC specific and cannot be transferred to another PC.

It is recommneded that you first work with the Basic (FREE) Edition. You will, afterall, have all the same features available to you with the Basic Edition (save for the time-limit per run). Make sure it is working as expected on your PC BEFORE you purchase the serial number for the Extended Edition.