Alfisol, Item 007: IExFit, version 3.2
Fit adsorption data based on ion exchange reaction models.
Display solid & liquid & gas phase speciation diagrams as a funciton of pH and redox conditions.

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Modeling competitive adsorption of sodium, hydrogen, phthalate and chloride on goethite. Easy!

An excellent research tool.
Easily confirm which ion exchange reactions are affecting your adsorption data.

A nice teaching tool.
Easily show how ion competition can impact adsorption results.

  • This software makes ion exchange modeling very easy to use, and thus will greatly help you understand the mechanism of retention of the ions by your soil or solid sample.
  • It solves all the mass balance and equilibrium equations very fast and reliably.
  • You can add as many competing aqueous ions and solid phase reactive surfaces as you wish.
  • It was specifically coded to handle variable input concentrations as a function of pH, which is very common when the competitive ions include the conjugate acid and base additions.
  • It will plot the adsorption data and also optimize the pK and Γmax adsorption values that best fit the data.
  • It will plot the speciation of ions remaining in solution based on a user-defined database of reactions.
  • It will plot the formation of solids based on a user-defined database of reactions.
  • It will plot the distribution of gases based on a user-defined database of reactions.

Basic (FREE) Edition.
The Basic Edition will be sufficient for many applications, such as short teaching demonstrations and many routine research applications.

The Basic Edition is sufficient for your needs if the following limitations are not a problem for your application:

  • maximum number of adsorbing surfaces present are limited to two.
  • maximum number of ions involved (besides H(+) and OH(-)) are limited to two.

Extended Edition: purchase of Serial Number is required. It is the same as the Basic Edition, but no limitations are applied. IExFit Extended Edition will allow you to create large and complex models with any number of competitive ions involved, any number of adsorption surfaces involved, and any number of minerals involved.

The cost to upgrade to the Extended Edition is currently ZERO. It is FREE. Get it while you can at this great price!
The Extended Edition is PC specific and cannot be transferred to another PC. To upgrade to the Extended Edition, click on "Add to Cart" above, fill it out, and a serial number needed for the upgrade will be emailed to you. The price of the upgrade is zero, FREE; but you do need to answer all the questions in "Add to Cart" to request the upgrade serial number.

It is recommneded that you first work with the Basic (FREE) Edition. You will, afterall, have all the same features available to you with the Basic Edition. Make sure it is working as expected on your PC BEFORE you get the serial number for the Extended Edition.