Alfisol, Item 001:

Soil chemistry with applied mathematics, by C.P. Schulthess (2005)
292 pages, paperback, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC, Canada.
ISBN 1-4120-3585-6.

About the Author

About the Author:

Cristian P. Schulthess is a soil and environmental chemist and an associate professor at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. He has been researching soils and teaching students about soils there since 1991. He is a citizen of Argentina by birthright (born there in 1955); he is a citizen of Switzerland by blood right (his grandfather was Swiss); and he is a citizen of the USA by naturalization (a natural choice since he has been living there for most of his life). Dr. Schulthess has a strong love for the outdoors. He sees no political boundaries on the impact of nature on our daily lives.

Dr. Schulthess received a BS degree in chemistry in 1978 at the University of Rhode Island, a Federal Certificate of Capacity in chemistry in 1981 at CEPIA in Geneva, Switerland, an MS degree in environmental engineering in 1985 at the University of Delaware, and a PhD degree in soil chemistry in 1987 at the University of Delaware. His PhD research received the 1988 Emil Truog Soil Science Award from the Soil Science Society of America for “an outstanding contribution to soil science as evidenced by the PhD dissertation.” He was a first-aid soldier in the Swiss army. Prior to his graduate studies, Dr. Schulthess worked in R&D of aromatic organic compounds in private industry for 4 years in Geneva, Switzerland, and with inorganic compounds for 11 months at EAWAG (the Swiss Federal Institute for Water Resources and Water Pollution Control) in Dübendorf, Switzerland. Following his graduate studies, Dr. Schulthess worked for 2 years at the Environmental Sciences Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and for 18 months at the Environmental Chemistry Section of the National Chemical Laboratory for Industry in Tsukuba, Japan. He has authored or co-authored over 25 articles and book chapters. He was been an associate editor for the soil chemistry division of the Soil Science Society of America Journal from 2002 to 2007.