Alfisol, Item 007: IExFit, version 3.2
Fit adsorption data based on ion exchange reaction models.
Display solid & liquid & gas phase speciation diagrams as a funciton of pH and redox conditions.

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Add Ion-Exchange Model

Here you enter the ion-exchange model that IExFit needs to optimize and fit your data.

In the example shown below, 12 surface reactions have been entered using one mineral (goethite) and four surfaces (which were labeled Sa, Sb, Sc and Sd in this particular example).

You can add or edit a reaction surface site, as shown below. Note that the solids concentration and the specific surface area are not required, but they are needed if you later wish to display data or modeling results in mass or surface area units. Note that all calculations are made on mol/L units, which are then converted to the desired display units.